Four15 Advisors is a boutique financial services company that specializes in working with creative professionals to make managing your money and filing your taxes easy and pain-free.

Four15 Advisors was founded by Eric Feldman in 2003. Our vision: make tax matters less complicated. To that end, Four 15 Advisors provides yearound tax preparation and advice for professionals in advertising, marketing, entertainment & media, art, sales and the financial marketplace. Additionally, we offer entrepreneurs and freelancers strategies to get the most out of the numerous tax advantages of being your own boss.

Maximize your deductions. Simplify the tax process. Rewards for sending new folks our way. Tools to save you more.
$850,000: The amount of money Four15 saved our clients on their 2012 taxes. That’s a lot of moolah!
The only sure thing in life is death and taxes. —BENJAMIN FRANKLIN